Lisa has Meningitis???!?

Hello every one! I hope you're having a brighter week than I am! Yesterday I woke up feeling funny, and by second period I was out... What happened?

     As I said, the day just didn't start out right. I was feeling funky, but I could get through the day. During Mrs. Bauer's first hour... I started to lose it. My head was aching, eyes faltering, neck stiff, and my stomach churning. As I walked into Mr. Murphy's class I called my mom. No way I could finish today's Common Assesment.
     An hour later, I was home. The rest of my day was sleeping, head aches, brothers, TV, and crochet. We came to the point where my parents were thinking Emergency Room. So at 9 pm mom and I were in th car; and stupidly all I could think about was what I'd crochet there. I ad only "packed" a 4.25mm hook and Super Saver in Cafe Latte. I'm glad what I ended up doing with that yarn.
     We got there and they examined me. My mom's fear was Meningitis( you don't know how much research it took to spell that!) so they kept that in mind. I was swabbed for flu, strep, and drew blood for mono. As we waited for results, the nurses went all over my crochet... I mean CRAY. The nurse who drew my blood was first. It was clear she wanted something, though she didn't say.
     "Just give me 5 minutes," I said.
  So when you're in the ER and you need a gift, MINI HEARTS!!You can find the instructions in the Patterns tab above, and I made mine hangable. All you need is to tie a know with both ends and then into a bow. I loved crocheting it... But definitly not as much as all the reactions.

     She burst with happiness, smiled, thanked me, and proudly put it on her nurse's badge; marching away to boast to the others on duty. I found it amazing how she walked around looking down at her chest at it. I've never expirianced THAT kind of happiness.
     The same followed with other nurses, doctors, and staff. I think I made about 5 or 6 that night. Moral of the story??? Un explainable.


     Then the tests came in. No strep, no flu, mono, or Meningitis. She said it may change, and I'll be at my pediatrition in a few days. But other wise, viral sickness and headaches. Don't forget that pain.

     Also, anouncments. This next week keep your eyes peeled for new Yarn Obssesion posts. If you aren't familiar with Sedie, check her out at...

Yarn Obsession
   She also has Yarn by Yarn Obsession.

     To continue, a pattern for owl hat? will be released later this week or the next. Be kind this next week...


Lisa ;) :)